EUR 10 millions turnover



120 employees at your service



37 years of experience in the automotive industry



We operate in height European countries

I'Car Systems is a partner of some of the biggest car manufacturers in Europe:
Peugeot, Citroën, Renault, Nissan, Ford, Opel, Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, Toyota, Hyundai and Kia. Our industry-management solutions, I'Car DMS is recognised for their high quality, thanks to our industry expertise and close relationships with our clients.

Our targets customers and geographic coverage

Today, I'Car Systems has over 1 500 dealership and distribution group clients across eight European countries.
• I'Car DMS, the recognised DMS for dealerships and automotive distribution groups.


I’Car Systems has been working with automotive professionals for over 35 years.

Automotive distribution group

We work on projects with some of the biggest car distribution groups, guaranteeing them a tailored service that meets their needs. Our experienced team of consultants, project managers and trainers accompany you throughout your project, complying with a recognised quality assurance process.

Latest news

METIN Group select I'Car Systems to equip their Peugeot dealers as well as their spare part platform
Feb 2016

With a strong presence in the great western area of Paris region, Métin Group have just selected I'Car Systems to equip their 13 Peugeot dealers with I'Car DMS, and their spare part warehouse with the Part Platform Solution.

Partner of Peugeot Citroën PSA Group at European level, I'Car Systems are continuing their development in France by equipping Peugeot and Citroën distributors. After PGA some months ago, now Métin Group select I'Car Systems as their IT partner to equip their 6500 m2 spare part platform located in Montévrain Val d'Europe (77), as well as their Peugeot dealers, which represent more than 200 users.

Already proven through the implementation of 6 spare part platform of the manufacturer PSA Peugeot Citroën in France, the I'Car Systems Part Platform Solution selected by Métin Group is now implemented in five big Peugeot-Citroën distribution groups.

Ford of Europe and I'Car Systems: Renewed Confidence
Feb 2016

I'Car Systems, a management solution publisher for Dealers and Automotive Distribution Groups, certified in the Ford network since 1994.

Satisfied with this collaboration, the oval brand renewed the certification of our ERP, I'Car DMS, until 2017 for France and Spain. Opening to other countries is also being considered.
This strategic partnership with Ford of Europe allows for continuing the development of interfaces that meet the network professional expectations, in compliance with the manufacturer processes, and strengthens I’Car DMS position in France and internationally.

Old news