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a solution to the heart of your strategy!

I'Car DMS is a global IT solution business, modular and integrated that meets the objectives and the strategic challenges in France and Europe.

100% adaptable to specific groups

• Multibrand
• Multicompany
• Multisite

Whatever your organization: local company or distribution group I'Car DMS integrates with your structure. With one and the same solution I'Car DMS, you cover all your settlements. The solution has an engine exchanges, designed to integrate all manufacturers interfaces and facilitate their development. It is for distributors, ensuring a durable and scalable solution always in synergy with your (your) manufacturer (s).

The customer relationship management is at the heart of I'Car DMS business processes to improve quality, satisfaction vector. So you differentiate your business in the minds of your customers and partners.

Add-on, complementary solutions to I'Car DMS