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Partners Meeting I'Car Systems in Portugal - november 2017

This year I'Car Systems distributors and branches met under Cascais' sun near Lisbon for their yearly meeting. Precious moments to discuss the challenges to be tackled together to anchor and develop I'Car Systems positions in the Netherlands, in Germany, in Switzerland, in Portugal, and in Spain. Big congratulations to ITmotive, AMS, and I'Car Systems Ibérica teams for their results!

I'Car Systems is continuing its development in the Iberian Peninsula by buying out its Partner PSInfor Consulting in Portugal - september 2017

I'Car Systems is implemented in Europe and represented by the companies ITMotive in Benelux and AMS in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. By buying out its Partner PSInfor Consulting in Portugal, I'Car Systems enhances the skills of its Spanish branch and continues its development in the Iberian area.

Strengthened by the expertise gained over more than 20 years in the Portuguese Automotive market, PSInfor Consulting partnered with I'Car Systems for several years. By deciding a direct presence in Portugal and Spain, I'Car Systems Ibérica offers to its customers a unique contact point within two interrelated geographical areas, matching thus the organization of most Automotive Manufacturers.

New Organization of I'Car Systems Product Management - march 2017

I'Car Systems confirmed their involvement in their growth strategy to develop their market shares, and their international operations by relying on PRODUCT as a differentiation source, and as an engine for developing growth and profitability

To keep up with these ambitions, the company made the Product organization change by entrusting Product Management to Didier Barbedienne, and the newly created Innovation and Product Expertise Management to François Curriez.

Didier Barbedienne is in charge of Market and Product Analyst team Management. With his team, his main mission consists in steering the company product strategy and its application within the Roadmap.

He thus becomes the main contact for the Manufacturers, the international Partners of I'Car Systems, and the Publishers of companion solutions interfaced with I'Car DMS.

With over 30 years in I'Car Systems, François Curriez is in charge of Innovation and Product Expertise Management. In this new Management, his mission shall be to feed the Product strategy with the challenges related to Innovation and to changes in the market and in the Automotive industry.

Leveraging his product and business expertise gained over time, François Curriez will assist the company in developing technical skills in France and internationally.

Strategic Partnership between I'Car Systems and Absys Cyborg - march 2017

To meet the challenges of Information System gradual evolvement, and to satisfy increasingly demanding level of their customers, I'Car Systems entered partnership with Absys Cyborg to perform the Sage FRP 1000 roll-out for their customers.

With the automotive retail evolution background in mind, and particularly the growing concentration effect which increases Finance Management requirement level in terms of skill and consultancy, I'Car Systems formalize a strategic partnership with Absys Cyborg, leader in France with Sage solutions, to roll-out and support their customers for the Sage FRP 1000 offer.

This partnership aims at markedly strengthen I'Car DMS development offer for the big groups and the Part Platform Solution growth which associates I'Car DMS, Sage Geode and Sage FRP 1000, by enhancing roll-out capabilities and ensuring better business integration. Support single point of contact makes this operation fully seamless for the customers.

I'Car Systems continue to progress in Ford world in Portugal with their partner PSInfore- march 2017

65 new users signed for CAM Group. This Group belongs to the investor Auto- Industrial Group, one of the major players in Portugal with 16 brands including FCA, Mercedes-Benz, Renault and Opel.

Dutch Group Motorhuis selects I'Car DMS via our partner ITmotive- february 2017

Motorhuis signed a contract to migration to I'Car DMS. This is a great day for both our companies, said Oscar Derksen, ITmotive CEO.

"With Motorhuis signature, we again prove that I'Car DMS perfectly fits big groups. Indeed, Motorhuis is in the top 10 of the 100 biggest Dutch dealers."
Oscar Derksen says," This signature rewards IT Motive vision, strategy, and efforts. We started our business nine years ago with smaller dealers. However, we always had the ambition to supply the whole network, from single-brand dealers to multi-brand holdings. Our progress and our strategy materialized in 2015, when I'Car DMS was rolled-out for the Auto Palace Group, which manages 12 organizations and 8 brands. Today, in addition to Modis in Belgium (30 organizations and over 10 brands), we welcome Motorhuis in the Netherlands with 20 Opel, Citroën and Fiat organizations."

Optimize the process and gain efficiency

For Motorhuis, this step is the perfect opportunity to review all the processes in order to improve efficiency. Oscar Derksen concludes, "No doubt that I'Car DMS system shall contribute to realize this change. Improving efficiency, making savings, clarifying and harmonizing work methods, centralizing data within a unique system: these are the migration targets. We hope we are starting a long collaboration with Motorhuis, that we thank for trusting us!"

I'Car Systems – International strategy pays off in Belgium - june 2016
I'Car Systems confirms its presence In Belgium for the Ford brand thanks to the distributor ITmotive who has just concluded a deal with the Fidenco Group (Alcopa Group). With already 40 users within the Opel brand, I'Car DMS will now equip 100 users for the Ford Group of Alcopa in Belgium.

I'Car Systems – International strategy pays off in Portugal - june 2016

In Portugal, I'Car Systems confirms its presence with the Renault brand thanks to its distributor PSInfor.

With 200 I'Car DMS user's in Renault network, I'Car DMS was formally endorsed by the brand. This strategic partnership with Renault in Portugal allows for continuing the development of interfaces that meet the network professional expectations, in compliance with the manufacturer processes. A new opportunity that strengthens the I'Car DMS position in Portugal and internationally.

METIN Group select I'Car Systems to equip their Peugeot dealers as well as their spare part platform- feb 2016

With a strong presence in the great western area of Paris region, Métin Group have just selected I'Car Systems to equip their 13 Peugeot dealers with I'Car DMS, and their spare part warehouse with the Part Platform Solution.

Partner of Peugeot Citroën PSA Group at European level, I'Car Systems are continuing their development in France by equipping Peugeot and Citroën distributors. After PGA some months ago, now METIN Group select I'Car Systems as their IT partner to equip their 6500 m2 spare part platform located in Montévrain Val d'Europe (77), as well as their Peugeot dealers, which represent more than 200 users.

Already proven through the implementation of 6 spare part platform of the manufacturer PSA Peugeot Citroën in France, the I'Car Systems Part Platform Solution selected by Métin Group is now implemented in five big Peugeot-Citroën distribution groups.

Ford of Europe and I'Car Systems: Renewed Confidence - feb 2016

I'Car Systems, a management solution publisher for Dealers and Automotive Distribution Groups, certified in the Ford network since 1994.

Satisfied with this collaboration, the oval brand renewed the certification of our ERP, I'Car DMS, until 2017 for France and Spain. Opening to other countries is also being considered.
This strategic partnership with Ford of Europe allows for continuing the development of interfaces that meet the network professional expectations, in compliance with the manufacturer processes, and strengthens I’Car DMS position in France and internationally.